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Internal Downloads ^

Here are a few downloads that you may be interested in. Some of them are unique to this website and cannot be found anywhere else, so have a good look:

Releases ^

Sikher 'Look & Feel' Version

Released to show off our progress :)

Sikher Related ^

The Sikher Scope

The Sikher Scope really set the ball rolling because it helped define our project and although the document is a little dated, it is a good read for users and developers alike.

Gurmukhi Fonts

This is a zip of all the Gurmukhi fonts you can ever think of with OpenType, TrueType and Unicode fonts. The copyrights and liabilities to the fonts lie with their original owners. I made this for myself really because everytime my computer crashed and I had to reinstall the OS, I always had to search the whole internet to find all the Gurmukhi fonts again. The problem is no more.


This is a zip of the brand new XMLGurbani Schema with some examples, a read me and a template. I've uploded it mainly for people to have a look at, however, I must tell you that this technology is still under development and so there are many discrepancies in the readme.pdf inside the zip. Recently, in Version 2.0, we've added a CSS2 file for better rendering in a web browser. In Version 4.0, we've made each line uniquely identifiable. More recently, in Version 5.0 we have updated data.xml. Enjoy...

Icon Theme

Below is a zip of the icon theme that shall be used in Sikher. I thought that people, especially other developers, may benefit from using this theme in their application too.

Sikhism Related ^

Sikhism Leaflets

A collection of 14 leaflets describing the various elements of Sikhism.

External Downloads ^

I know a few places where you can get some really good downloads from:

This page shall be updated often, so please bookmark us and return regularly! If you can't wait to see the latest developments then join us as a Developer.

Page Contents: