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Joining Sikher ^

There is always a need for more developers and we can always find a role for you within the project. If you find yourself in the position of asking "I want to be a part of The Sikher Project, what do I do?". Well, it is a simple 3 step process to formally join:

(1) Sign up at SourceForge.net. Type in the details they ask of you and submit them. You should receive an email back to continue the registration process. Please proceed to do so.

(2) When you are done then send us an email with your developer login name e.g. khalsa1000. Also, please include in your email:

  1. Why you wish to join the project?
  2. What are your skills?
  3. What type of role you wish to play?
  4. How much time can you commit to the project?

This only has to be a few simple lines, so that we can catergorise you on this project.

(3) Once we have received your email, we shall get you set up on the project formally and then email you back to confirm you are in. You shall then be given further details of how to contribute to Sikher. Congratulations on becoming a part of the future of Gurbani!

Current Developers ^

For current developers there is information below that shall be of interest. If you have just joined The Sikher Project then please take some time out to read The Sikher Scope available at the Downloads section of this site and also the information below. Becoming a developer is not as easy as it sounds, it will take effort and persistance, but we are here to support you fully :)

Accessing the CVS Repository

(1) Download a CVS. Personally I use and recommend TortoiseCVS for Windows, but you may wish to use another one. Once you have decided on one, then go ahead and install it!

(2) [Optional] You may want to give this SourceForge.net page a read if you cannot decide on what CVS to use or cannot work out how to use CVS.

(3) After your CVS is installed then you will need to create a folder somewhere on your hard drive. I recommend to create a folder called 'Sikher' in C:\. This is where the files from the CVS will be downloaded.

(4) With TortoiseCVS all you do is right click on the folder where you want the Sikher files downloaded and click 'CVS Checkout'. (Please refer to (2) for other ways to checkout using another CVS). A dialog will then pop up and you must enter the details as in the list below, and click OK:

(5) That is all, you should now be set up and ready to contribute! Now, simply right click on the Sikher folder in C:\ (or wherever you have it) and click on 'CVS Update' to receive the latest Sikher files from the repository. You shall be prompted for your password each time you do this. Make sure you regularly click 'CVS Update' so you can stay on top of latest developments.

(6) You are now in a position to write us some code and when you are ready to submit the code, put the code into your CVS Sikher folder, ensuring you place it where it is meant to go, and then use the 'CVS Commit' function in the CVS you are using. All you do then is add a little description of your commit and then click OK. You have now successfully contributed to The Sikher Project!

NB: Be careful when using CVS. A wrongly selected option could destroy the CVS repository altogether. Never click 'CVS Commit' unless you are absolutely satisfied with the code! Also, make sure you back up your code regularly!

Page Contents: